Lucidchart Student Version Account & Free Alternatives

Lucidchart is web-based software for creating diagrams, charts, mindmaps, flowcharts and data visualization. Due to its intuitive interface, drag-and-drop features and shallow learning curve, it is the choice of 99% of Fortune 500 companies.

Over 10 million students and educators worldwide use the app to breakdown complex subjects and create easy-to-understand presentations, from elementary schools to advanced engineering courses. Teachers use it to create class curriculums and lecture plans while students conceptualize complex topics, demonstrate their learning, brainstorm and for group work.

This article will outline the steps for accessing the student version of the application.

Team members can collaborate from anywhere in real-time as the work is always saved in the cloud. This removes the need and complexity of downloading and installing the software on a device of every contributor. You can add comments, edit work, and chat inside the app on the go. Furthermore, Lucidchart can be integrated with other popular programs such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Atlassian, Slack and Asana. As your company and teams scale, you can easily add new members with custom roles in a few clicks.

Whether you need to optimize a process in your company, visualize complex technical systems, or design a better user experience for an app or a website, Lucidchart is the right solution.

System requirements

Because it’s cloud-based, the program is available on Mac, Windows and Linux through any web browser as long as you have an internet connection. For optimal performance, here are the recommended operating system and browser versions:

Operating systems

Windows – 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or later
Mac – OS X Yosemite 10.10 or later
Linux – 64-bit Debian 8+, Ubuntu 14.04+, Fedora Linux 24+, openSUSE 13.3+, or later

Mobile apps

iOS – 13 or later
Android – 6 or later with WebGL rendering compatibility

Web browsers

Up to three latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are supported, while the two latest versions of Apple Safari are supported.

How to access Lucidchart for students (free)

Individual students, teachers, or faculty members can request a free education version of the software:

  1. Open the official Education page of Lucidchart
  2. Scroll down to plan options and click on “Sign up free” under Individual plan for students and teachers
  3. On the next page, select the Free plan and click on the “Continue with Free” button
  4. Enter your full name, school .edu email address, and set up a password that you are going to use to access the account
  5. You will receive an email with a link that you have to click to confirm your identity and email address
  6. Once you log in to your account, click on your name at the top and then on “Get a Free Educational Upgrade”
  7. You will be automatically upgraded to an education account

Compared to the regular free account, with the student version, you can create unlimited documents, share them and invite an unlimited number of collaborators. Basically, it is very similar to the free account. The only way to get access to superior paid plan features as a student for free is if your school has access to Lucidchart for school. That way, every student can access the premium versions for free. For classroom usage and school-level access, a representative of an educational institution must contact the sales team and request a quote.

If these features are not enough, you can always upgrade to Premium Education account to get even more integrations, more storage and enhanced collaboration features. Get a quote here.

The individual teacher and student license is valid as long as you attend the school whose email you used during the registration. Once you graduate, you will either be downgraded to a regular free account, or you can upgrade to a paid plan without losing the saved work.

If you already have a regular free account, you can contact support and ask to switch to an educational account. You will be asked to switch to a .edu email address.

We recommend going through the starting guide to get familiar with Lucidchart and to learn how to take advantage of every feature.

Software features

Lucidchart operates on a freemium business model, which means they have a free account with limited features. Paid plans are Individual, Team and Enterprise.

  • Editable documents are limited to 3 documents on the free plan, while on all paid plans, there are no limits.
  • 1000+ Pre-made templates professionally made by experts. The free plan is limited to 100 templates.
  • Collaboration features are limited to basic on the Free and Individual plan, while advanced collaboration capabilities are available on Team and Enterprise plans.
  • Integrations with other popular applications
  • 1 GB storage
  • Presentation mode
  • Import / Export for Visio projects
  • Pre-made shapes

Lucidchart free alternatives

Diagrams – Completely free tool to create advanced diagrams that you can save to your device, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and GitHub. The app is available as a browser and desktop version for enhanced security. Comes with pre-made templates and shapes. No registration and account creation is needed. Users report it to be slightly slower than Lucidchart. It can be accessed from any OS or device as long as it has the latest browser version and internet connection.

Freeplane – Open-source software for creating mind maps, diagrams, formulas and more. It is available as a desktop version only.

Dia – Although with a bit clunky and outdated interface, it is capable of creating and exporting complex diagrams. Available as a desktop version for Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems.

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