SAP2000 Student Version Free Download for Windows/Mac

This tutorial will guide students and teachers on how to download the SAP2000 student version and access the evaluation edition.

SAP2000 is general-purpose software for analyzing and designing infrastructure projects and systems. It’s capable of designing any type of structural system and can successfully tackle any level of complexity, from foundation analysis to bridge design.

The features range from graphical modeling of 3D objects to the ability to perform a wide variety of analyses. Currently, it’s one of the most productive, integrated and practical general-purpose structural software available on the market. Indisputably it has earned a reputation for being the most reliable software and industry standard for structural analysis.

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Software development started way back in 1975. by Ashraf Habibullah, the founder of Computers and Structures, Inc.

The intuitive user interface makes it suitable for all experience levels, from beginners to experts.

Software features

Some of the most notable features are:

  • Customizable single-user interface from which you can perform modeling, analysis, design, and reporting
  • The ability to manipulate models with extreme flexibility using floating forms, dockable windows and multiple views
  • Lightning fast 2D and 3D DirectX graphics compared to other software
  • Create any type of model using modeling tools
  • Quickly create structural models using an intuitive 3D object-based modeling environment
  • Meshing techniques and tools
  • Apply wind and seismic based on international or domestic codes
  • Perform static and dynamic analysis for both linear and nonlinear behavior

Explore all features here.

SAP2000 Student version limitations

  • If a model has more than 100 point objects, you won’t be able to save it
  • Perform linear analysis only on models with a maximum of 100 analysis joints
  • Nonlinear analysis is limited to a maximum of 30 analysis joints

Request and download SAP2000 student version

  1. Find a professor that will request the software on your behalf. This is important as students are not allowed to send requests directly.
  2. Head over to CSI’s sales page and click on “Non-commercial Pricing”
  3. The professor should send a request through a valid university email address to
  4. The sales team at CSI will respond with a decision and download link to the same email address from which the request was sent

In case you get declined, the second option is to get an evaluation trial copy.

Evaluation trial version of SAP2000

The evaluation edition is limited to 30 days and can be installed on a single machine only. It is forbidden to use the software for commercial and professional purposes. After the one-month trial period expires, you must purchase one of the regular licenses. The evaluation copy has all the features as the regular version.

To get the download link for the trial version, use this form to send a request. In one business day, you will receive an email with installation instructions as well.

SAP2000 License price

There are four packages and two types of licenses, standalone and cloud.

BASIC – Standalone license price is $2000 while the annual maintenance price is $350. Cloud license costs $2600 with annual maintenance of $455.
PLUS – Standalone license price is $5000 while the annual maintenance price is $875. Cloud license costs $6500 with annual maintenance of $1135.
ADVANCED – Standalone license price is $8000 while the annual maintenance price is $1400. Cloud license costs $10400 with annual maintenance of $1820.
ULTIMATE – Standalone license price is $15600 while the annual maintenance price is $2730.

System requirements

Here are the recommended hardware and software configurations for optimal functioning of SAP2000:


Processor – 64-bit AMD Ryzen 5/7/9 with Zen 2 or 9th generation Intel Core i5/i7/i9
Operating system – Windows 10 or later
Memory – 16GB of RAM
Disk space – 6GB for software installation and 500GB for storage of analysis results and designs. The recommended disk type is Solid State Drive (SSD)
Graphic card – NVIDIA GPU or equivalent that is compatible with DirectX 11. It must have dedicated graphics RAM of 512MB or more for DirectX graphics mode

Can SAP be installed on Apple Mac OS devices?

Unfortunately, SAP is incompatible with Mac operating systems. You can install the software only on Windows PC devices. Luckily, there is a workaround to virtualize Windows OS on Mac machines:

  1. Install Parallels platform that lets you run Windows on Mac devices without rebooting. The academic version of the platform costs about $40. The advantage is that it lets you run both Windows and Mac programs simultaneously in the Mac OS environment.
  2. Install Windows 8.1 or later (Windows XP version might not work).
  3. Install SAP and SQL client of choice such as MySQL.

SAP2000 Alternatives and similar software

SkyCiv – Cloud-based structural engineering program with educational and student account options. One of the best alternatives to SAP when it comes to structural analysis and design. It is used by over 10.000 engineers worldwide. The basic plan starts from $69 / month.

Estru3D – Free open-source structural analysis software based on the Stiffness Matrix Method and own GUI.

Civil 3D – Autodesk’s civil engineering software for infrastructure projects with a model-based environment


This guide outlined the steps needed to access the student edition of SAP2000. Using a valid university email address, a professor should apply on your behalf with a request to access the student version. If the requirements are met, you will receive a download link via email. Additionally, if the first option fails, you can get a limited evaluation copy of the program.

CSI has many free video tutorials that will teach you how to properly use the software and some basics of modeling, analysis and design.

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